InsurTech 2.0

CoverVentures is an early stage Venture Studio based in Toronto that backs and builds insurance industry changing technology & businesses. 

We’re focused on Insurance

The Venture Studio Model

A little bit like an incubator with a twist. Venture Studios are lead by founders that are supported by other founders with shared critical services, advice, and insurance expertise. We help solve inefficiencies when first launching a new product or business. This model allows us to be flexible with outside investment opportunities and partnership/IP ownership structures. 


Rapid MVP

Build, test, learn, return. Fast.


We like partnering with existing Goliaths. 

Digital Transformation

Insurance products and tech require a digital revamp. 

Insurance Microstructure

We get the upstream and downstream of how PnC works. 

Insurance Compliance

Don’t want to run into the regulator do you? 

Product Knowledge

From auto to specialized commercial, we got this.

Data & AI

Our founders were Data first before it was cool. 


Sometimes we consult on strategy, tech, etc…

Insurance Expertise

We invest in talented people and develop innovative insurance businesses and technologies. We also provide insights and analysis on the evolving insurance industry for Insurance Professionals.

Learn by Doing

The Venture Studio Model

We leverage our combined capability and expertise to develop technologies and services that can be deployed and configured based on specific use case. By doing so, we save time and cost and learn fast. 


We are focused on delivering innovative insurance solutions

We look to invest in and work with companies that innovate insurance distribution, connectivity, integration, analytics and other under served areas. 

Achieve Goals

Getting crystal clear about Insurance innovation

The Venture Studio model is predicated on rapidly launching ideas to the market testing and learning consumer taste and needs. Sure we’d like to hit a home run everytime, but that’s not how this works, sometimes ideas just don’t pan out and that’s part of the process..  

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